Change What You Can’t Control

“Don’t wait for your world to change. Change it yourself.”

We too often get so caught up in thinking that life is passing us by and it all happens to us so fleetingly without any sort of real control.

I know I certainly do.

Look, it’s far too easy to think; “hey, why do these things keep happening to me? Why can’t anything ever go right? When am I destined for bigger and better and brighter things?”

You know what’s separating you from those bigger and brighter things, though? Action.

Don’t over-think it.

Choose to act instead.

Choose to work and grind and run and leap head first into the change you want for your life.

Your dreams are not just going to land perfectly gift-wrapped down at your feet. You need to go out there and forcefully grab them.

You need to go out into the world and take your dreams by the reins. You are the driving force behind your life and what happens to you.

Can you control everything? Not a chance in hell. Sometimes small worries creep in. Other times great big heartbreaking moments smack you right in the gut. You can’t control those moments but what you can control is how you react to them. Choose your happiness. Always.

Because these things will change

Can you feel it now

These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down

It’s a revolution 

The time will come for us to finally win

And we’ll sing hallelujah.”

– Taylor Swift.

Until next time



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