Social Media and Us

Social media gets a bad rep. It’s this evil thing taking us away from “real” and “meaningful” people and relationships and connections. 

It’s vapid and vain. It’s fake and false, and why do we need it in our lives?

It’s not all bad, though.

It’s not bad at all.

We just need to know how to handle it and not get too wrapped up in its web.

Social media can be such a powerful tool of connection to worlds much larger than we could dream of being opened up to without it.

It can bring us friendships from across the oceans, connections from countries we’ve never set foot in, opportunities we could never get otherwise. It can give us so much if we only harness its power for good, not evil.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

I’ve spoken to some of the most wonderful people online, and made friends with people who I can’t imagine not knowing because of social media. In particular, twitter.

Social media can drive people away from each other, yes, but it can also bring people together. It can bring ideas and concepts together. It can link both people and the words they speak together to create a much wider picture than could be seen before.

Social media needs to be approached with caution and a certain pinch of salt, but it truly is a remarkable tool. One which we can use to start conversations, evoke change, and connect to those we would not encounter in our everyday lives.

It’s a powerful tool, and as with all powerful tools, it can be used to create great things or to create harm. When holding a gun you can choose to pull the trigger and cause chaos and heartbreak, or to not. When holding your finger above the enter key of a keyboard you can choose to use your online voice to create a negative internet environment or a positive one.

The power is all in our hands. Every single one of us. We can choose to use social media to spread hate and toxic ideologies or to spread love and positivity. Choose to create positive chaos in the social media world. Use it to create connections and spread kindness and shake up the world. Let’s give social media the credit it deserves. It’s not it that is evil, it’s what we put into it. It’s not social media that’s fake, it’s the content we put onto it. It’s not social media that is toxic, it’s us pressing enter on ideas we should not put out into the world.

Whether it’s online using the written word or spoken out in the real world; we have a responsibility to put out ideas and concepts and words which make the world brighter and bolder.

“Put your life on the web and you will find

Like-minded people all have a good time

And ever since you entered my life

I don’t feel alone anymore.”

– Shimona.

Let’s make the world shine, not dull other’s sparkle.

Until next time



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