Hello, Spring

So today is one of those sunny days in the UK where everyone goes ape shit and heads out into the garden or runs off down to the nearest pub garden or park to sit with their lukewarm cider/beer and exclaim excitedly and repeatedly how few times we see the sun and how “ABSOLUTELY STOKED [WE ARE] TO SEE SUMMER]”. Like I said, dramatic.

Anyway it seems like the perfect time to bring about a post on all of the wonderful things I love about the sunshiny time of the year where Spring is taking us full steam ahead into Summer.

The Flowers

There is nothing I quite like more than walking along admiring all of the beautiful flowers coming into bloom.

Bluebells, snow drops turn into daffodils, tulips, orchids, daisies and all manner of gorgeous flowers in every bright, wonderful colour under the sun come back to us in all of their fresh and spectacular glory.

So get out there in the sunshine and take in all of the bright colours and soak up the fresh air we were denied in the long Winter months.

Longer Days

After the clocks have changed the year starts to get so much easier to deal with.

The mornings are brighter and the evenings remain lighter for longer and it feels like you get more out of each day.

No day is easy to start when begun in the dark and it doesn’t feel like the day is already over by the time you’ve finished school or work. You still have at least a little part of it left to enjoy.

All through Winter it’s a case of waking up in the dark and getting ready in the dark and going to school or work in the dark and coming home in the dark and WHY IS EVERYTHING DARK? WHERE IS THE LIGHT? WILL IT EVER RETURN?

Spring and Summer means the return of waking up to the sun streaming through the curtains and sunrises instead of dark skies and sunsets over pitch black. Spring means light. Spring means bright. Spring means everything is a little bit brighter and you feel like you can actually get things done as opposed to just wanting to hide away under a blanket to hibernate.

The Sun Shining

My mood is too dependent on the sun for someone born and bred in a country where it does nothing but rain and blow a gale.

But boy oh boy does the sun lift my mood tenfold. There is nothing that quite lifts my mood more than sitting in the sun, listening to music and tilting my head up towards the sky. Maybe with a book, a notepad or just daydreaming or cloud-watching.

It’s the best feeling in the world. Relaxing. Soothing. Calming. Like nothing can get to you for those minutes. No worries. No stresses. Just peace.

Photo Opportunities

And when it’s brighter there are far more opportunities for grabbing your camera and running off outside to capture the world in all of its beautiful glory.

This is especially valuable for people who are obsessed with their cameras (like me), bloggers (like me) or anyone who wants to get outside, go have an adventure and capture the spectacular scenes before your eyes.

“Maybe I should pack my bags and fly to Costa Rica. Put a flower in my hair, a dancing senorita.

Oh put a little sunshine in my sky

Oh what a lovely day to be alive

These eyes are longing to see a sign of summer

To leave my cares in the breeze

Oh put a little sunshine in my sky”

– Kate Voegele.

So here’s to getting outside and enjoying all of the wonderful, bright and beautiful things Spring and Summer bring us.

Here’s to Spring. Here’s to the sun. Here’s to Summer.

Until next time




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