Hello, November

So, November. It’s here again (also WHAT). Now, November is not my favourite of months. Out of all of the twelve months of the year, my three least favourites are January, April and November.  There is just something about each of them that does not excite me even a little. It might be the post-festive … More Hello, November

Goodbye, 24

So here we are at October 30th. Halloween Eve. Also the eve of my birth. The eve of the day when I came into this world, and the universe is probably still regretting that one. Here we are again. Another year older. Another trip around the sun. So 24. Have you been perfect? No. But … More Goodbye, 24

October Goals

It’s October and we’re running head-first into the last three months of the year, so here are a few goals I’m setting myself for this month and the next two. Get Active I want to get outside more. I want to get out of the house that I’ve been far too cooped up in and … More October Goals